Ohlone Dog Park

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The Dog Park provides a safe and relaxing environment for residents to spend quality time with their dog. The one acre park is located within Ohlone Park at 190 Turquoise Drive.

Ohlone Dog Park includes:
• A large dog and small dog area, each has their own fenced-in space
• 5’ wood/mesh fencing with gates
• Shaded seating and drinking fountains in and around the fenced park area
• Convenient Parking along Turquoise Drive

Park users are responsible for general maintenance of the park, picking up after their pets, and following the rules and regulations. Please do your part to keep the Dog Park clean and maintained for the community, this includes not allowing your dog to dig in the park and to promptly clean up after your dog. The Dog Park may be closed at times due to maintenance.

For concerns or violations regarding use of the Dog Park call Hercules Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at 510-724-1111 or Animal Control at 510-942-4500.

You are liable for any injury caused by a dog under your supervision. Users of the park assume the risk of injury/damage to themselves and their dog.

The City of Hercules does not guarantee the park is escape-proof. You assume the risk that your dog may escape the enclosed area.

The City of Hercules disclaims all liability for injuries caused by dogs or others at this park. Usage of this park constitutes acknowledgement of this disclaimer.