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The results of the on-site charrette were communicated with both words and images that everybody could understand. Examples of those images are shown below for the following:

Overall Block Plan

Block Plan

Main & Main

This image sequence depicts possible change over time at the "Main and Main" intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Sycamore Avenue. Looking east, we see the current BART park-and-ride lot transformed into a prominent corner building hosting a mix of uses. A "liner building" might be constructed close to the street to take advantage of lost area in front of the gas station. The width of San Pablo could be reduced without impact on traffic flow, to slow auto traffic and create an environment welcoming people to explore the Town Center neighborhood on foot.
San Pablo Main

Central District

Animated Plan illustration of possible Central Quarter blocks, showing change over time. Major streets shown are San Pablo Avenue, Sycamore (extension) and John Muir Parkway.
Green areas are wetland preserves.

Central 1

Illustration of possible public square in Central Quarter.
Central Square

Alternate Central Quarter plan with big-box store
Central Big Box


Plan illustration of possible Hill Town development.
Hilltown Plan

Illustration of possible Hill Town as viewed from I-80 eastbound.
Hilltown 1