Chronology of the Central Hercules Plan

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Events, Milestones, & Documents

Date Event

July 24, 2001

Adopt Regulating Code

February 5, 2001

Planning Commission:
Adoption and Administration of the District Plan

December 17-20, 2000

Florida Town Center Tour
City Council, Planning Commission, Developers

September 21, 2000

Presentation for
Association of Bay Area Governments:
"What Happened in Hercules?"

July 17, 2000

Framework for Fiscal Impact of Plan

June 29, 2000

Charrette Interim Presentation

June 24, 2000

Charrette Hands-On Session

June 23, 2000

Charrette Kick-Off

May 31, 2000

Town Meeting

April 8, 2000

Steering Committee Initial Meeting

April 3, 2000

Steering Committee Kickoff and Orientation

March 28, 2000

City Council / Planning Commission
"District Plan Pre-Launch Update"

March 3, 2000

League of California Cities Conference, Monterey
"Active City Planning: How One California City Took the Initiative"

January 25, 2000

City Council
Planning Commission 1999 Accomplishments

January 25, 2000

City Council
Presentation by Victor Dover

January 11, 2000

Joint Council + Planning Commission Meeting
Adopt Resolution for District Plan Initiative

October 18, 1999

Planning Commission
"Specific Plan Implementation"

October 12, 1999

City Council
"Specific Plan Implementation Update"

September 30, 1999

Urban Design Conference, Pleasanton
Victor Dover visits Hercules

September 21, 1999

City Council and Planning Commission Discussion

September 11, 1999

Citizens, Commissioners and Staff
"Help Us Shape Hercules"
Facilitated by Communities By Design

April 19, 1999

Planning Commission
("Community Design Opportunities on Waterfront and Lower Refugio Valley Area")
"A Hercules Town Plan"

March 15, 1999

Planning Commission
Comments and Q&A about New Urbanist design by Terry Stamper, Developer, Crosswinds Communities
"Innovations In Planning"

March 1, 1999

Planning Commission
"Planning Commission Challenges from Hercules 2000"

June - August, 1998

Meeting and site visit with Mr. Andres Duany

February 28, 1997

Planning Commission: "Innovations in Planning"