The Village

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          Artist Rendering of Village Street

Consistent with the City and community’s vision of New Urbanism and Smart Growth, The Village is planned as the future location for the highest density housing (approximately 751 units) that will help support the transit station and adjacent commercial uses (approximately 115,000 sq. ft. of office space and 90,000 sq. ft. of retail space). This area will include a large amount of flex space (approximately 134,000 sq. ft.) where the uses will be able to evolve, responding to the communities needs, the market, and final plans for adjacent properties over time. The tallest structures of perhaps eight stories are planned to be located in the northeast corner of the site, as this area is located the furthest from the existing single family homes and will have less of an impact due to the higher elevation of the Bio-Rad site to the east. The extension of John Muir Parkway will run through The Village providing access to the transit station bus loop and the public parking garage adjacent to the station. The Transit Loop is designed with flexibility to accommodate a growing demand for the local and regional bus services and allows easy pickup and drop-off at the station.