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City of Hercules

Staff Member Directory

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Alconga, FernandoChaplain (Reverend)Police510-799-8260
Anderson, WayneChaplain (Reverend)Police510-799-8260
Barazoto, DanPatrol SergeantPolice510-799-8275 Email
Bassi, KevinPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3033 Email
Beason, BillyDetectivePolice510-799-8279 Email
Benitez, MireneHuman Resource TechnicianHuman Resources510-799-8214 Email
Biggs, DavidCity ManagerCity Manager510-799-8200 Email
Botin, Vergel (Mark)Maintenance AidePublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Boulanger, GerardCouncil MemberCity Council510-245-6518 ext. 3013 Email
Brown, JeffPublic Works Superintendent Public Works510-799-8252 Email
Carniglia, VictorContract Planner / Project ManagerPlanning510-799-8242 Email
Castaneda, Joe Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Collard, DwaynePatrol SergeantPolice510-799-8267 Email
Craig, AnthonyPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3035 Email
Crofoot, CourtneyAdministrative Specialist Police510-799-8262 Email
de Vera, MyrnaCouncil MemberCity Council510-245-6518 ext. 3014 Email
Dean, EdReserve Police OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3034 Email
Durley, CharlesCable/Communications TechnicianCity Clerk510-799-8284 Email
Esquivias, RolandCouncil MemberCity Council510-245-6518 ext. 3011 Email
Fernandez, JonathanReserve Police OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3040 Email
Flores, FayeInformation Systems AdministratorCity Clerk510-245-4802 Email
Flores, VanessaRecreation Leader IIIParks & Recreation510-799-8290 Email
Fox, SteveSenior ClerkCity Clerk510-799-8200 Email
Garfield, AmbraRecreation ManagerParks & Recreation510-799-8230 Email
George, AustinRecreation CoordinatorParks & Recreation510-799-8294 Email
Goswick, BillPolice ChiefPolice510-799-8262 Email
Gutierrez, Amanda AccountantFinance510-799-8286 Email
Han, LoriVolunteerPolice510-799-8260 Email
Hernandez, Andy Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Hernandez, MayraPolice Support SpecialistPolice510-799-8266 Email
Jew, JeffRecreation CoordinatorParks & Recreation510-799-8295 Email
Kelley, ChrisMayorCity Council510-245-6518 ext. 3012 Email
Kim, ChunPatrol SergeantPolice510-799-8269 Email
Kirby, SteveReserve Police OfficerPolice510-799-8260 Email
Koeppe, ThomasPolice CommanderPolice510-799-8280 Email
Li, EdwardPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3036 Email
Martin, LoriAdministrative Services Director/City ClerkCity Clerk510-799-8215 Email
Matinpour, ShivaBuilding Permit TechnicianBuilding510-799-8244 Email
McCabe, JamesVolunteerPolice510-799-8260 Email
McGuigan, AliceVolunteerPolice510-799-8260
Mendieta, DianaPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3030 Email
Miller, CheriParking Enforcement OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3044 Email
Miller, DanPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3031 Email
Moniz, Glenn Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Montenegro, LuisPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3027 Email
Moreno, JosePolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3038 Email
Najarro, ElmerParking Enforcement OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3024 Email
Ortega, DeysiSenior AccountantFinance510-799-8223 Email
Pacheco, JoseAssistant Civil EngineerEngineering510-799-8247 Email
Perez, RachelRecords Support SpecialistPolice510-799-8285 Email
Ramos, AngelMaintenance Worker IIPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Reber, RobertAdjunct PlannerPlanning510-799-8248 Email
Riosbaas, DavidPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3025 Email
Roberts, MikePublic Works Director / City EngineerEngineering, Public Works510-799-8241 Email
Roke, ChristopherRecreation DirectorParks & Recreation510-799-8228 Email
Romero, DanVice MayorCity Council510-245-6518 ext. 3010 Email
Romero, DavidMaintenance Worker IPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Rubio, MariaOhlone Child Care Office Asst.Parks & Recreation510-799-8224 Email
Russell, LumusSchool Resources OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3026 Email
Saechao, ClarisseAdministrative SecretaryCity Manager510-799-8209 Email
Saephanh, SherryAccounting Technician IIFinance510-799-8221 Email
Salala, JosePolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3029 Email
Sanchez, GregPolice OfficerPolice510-799-8276 x3032 Email
Sandhu, KinkinVolunteerPolice510-799-8260
Sheley, BobVolunteerPolice510-799-8260
Smyth, HollyPlanning DirectorPlanning510-799-8251 Email
Stafford, RozenHanna Ranch Child Care Office Asst.Parks & Recreation510-245-4803 Email
Tafesse, EzraCorporalPolice510-799-8269 x3045 Email
Taylor, EarnestPatrol SergeantPolice510-799-8271 Email
Tellez, DarinDetectivePolice510-799-8256 Email
Telmo, Efren Building Maintenance Worker IPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
To, AnnieFinance DirectorFinance510-799-8222 Email
Vadi, BenVolunteerPolice510-799-8260 Email
Vallejo, MarcoReserve Police OfficerPolice510-799-8260 Email
Van Putten, ConnieReserve Police OfficerPolice510-799-8268 Email
Vasquez, JosephAdministrative/Investigations SergeantPolice510-799-8272 Email
Walker, LatriceAdministrative SecretaryCity Clerk, City Manager510-799-8208 Email
Wright, EricMaintenance Worker IIPublic Works510-799-8258 Email
Young, Larry Chaplain (Father)Police510-799-8260 Email