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City of Hercules

 The City of Hercules offers a wide variety of recreation classes that cater to all ages and helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our classes provide a great opportunity to have fun and exercise while interacting with others in a safe environment. Sign up now to enjoy your own recreation experience.

Contact Us:

Vanessa Flores,
Recreation Sr. Clerk
Call: (510) 799-8290

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Become an Instructor
If you are interested in teaching a hobby or class and becoming an Instructor with the City of Hercules, please view and complete our Instructor Packet and return to Vanessa Flores, Recreation Sr. Clerk at 2001 Refugio Valley Road or via e-mail at

Tahitian Dance Class (Ages 2.5-16)
Come join this fun and exciting atmosphere for both kids and adults in learning the basics of Tahitian Dance movements while getting a cardiovascular workout at the same time!
To sign up use our online registration.

Piano Class (Ages 10+)
Most popular songs use only 3 or 4 simple chords. You can learn to play your favorites on the piano in just a few weeks. Only 6 students per class so you will get the help that you need. No prior experience is required. It is fun and easy! There is an additional $10.00 class fee for the textbook: Alfred's Chord Approach. If you need help getting a keyboard, call the instructor at (925) 676-8558.
To sign up use our online registration.

Guitar (Ages 10+)
Did you know most popular songs consist of only 3 or 4 basic chords? This class will teach you the chord progressions necessary to quickly learn to play your favorite songs. With no more than six students per class, you will get the personal attention you need in this ten week class. The instructor has a masters degree in Music Education and twenty years of teaching experience. Bring your own guitar (any kind).
To sign up use our online registration.

Oil Painting (Ages 5+)
Have fun while learning to draw, paint, design, mix colors, and combine colors, lights, shadows, and composition perspective.
To sign up use our online registration.

Karate (Ages 7+)
Students will learn the basic fighting skills of Karate, self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence in protecting themselves.  We teach each student to know the danger of people and to protect themselves if he or she is in a threatening situation.  Karate will help you develop physical strength, coordination, and mental focus.  Over time your body and mind will become stronger.  Karate is an activity that is fun and for the whole family!  We offer the first month free and family discounts, visit for more information. Sign up today!
To sign up use our online registration. 

Gymnastics (Ages 2-14)
Students will learn balance, coordination, flexibility, and development in this non-competitive environment. Romper Gym helps 2 to 4 year olds learn and explore. Tumbling is designed for the 4 to 6 year old students to learn basic stretches, rolls, balance, and cartwheels. Novice Gymnastics is designed for children ages 7 and older and focuses on stretching, balance, coordination, and strength. 
To sign up use our online registration. 

Yoga (Ages 18 & up) 
Stretch and strengthen your body and mind with yoga postures and sequences that help build core strength and muscle tone. Breathing exercises help calm the mind and alleviate stress and anxiety. Learn the benefits of a yoga practice from relieving stress to improving balance and flexibility to achieving inner peace. To sign up use our online registration. 

Jazzercise (Ages 18 & up)
Every Jazzercise group fitness class combines dance-based cardio with strength training and stretching to sculpt, tone and lengthen muscles for a maximum fat burn. Choreographed to today's hottest music, Jazzercise is a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. Start dancing yourself fit and change the shape of your body today! For more information, please call (510)301-5724 

DAYS: TIMES: FEES: location:
M-Th  7PM-8PM   Drop In: $20 / Monthly: $45

 Teen Center

Saturday 8:30am-9:30am Drop In: $20 / Monthly: $45

 Teen Center

Sunday 9am-10am Drop In: $20 / Monthly: $45 Teen Center

Zumba (Ages 8 & up)
Zumba combines high energy and dynamic Latin and world beat rhythms that allow participants to move and dance while getting fit and burning fat. This special Zumba workout party is 1 hour of Zumba that is great for all levels and ages. Make it a friend and family evening of fun. Zumba is food for the body, mind, and spirit. Come and join the workout party!

dance class days  times location:
Zumba Gold Mondays  9:30am-10:30am

 Senior Center

Bombay Jam/Fierce Funk Mondays 6:15pm-7:00pm

 Senior Center

Zumba & Mat Conditioning Mondays     7:00pm-8:00pm Senior Center
Zumba Gold Toning Wednesdays 9:30am-10:30am Senior Center
Zumba (starting in October)         Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm Ohlone Center
Aqua Zumba (thru September) Wednesdays 7:15pm-8:15pm Swim Center
Zumba Gold Fridays     8:00am-9:00am    Senior Center
Zumba Sentao/Toning Fridays 6:15pm-7:00pm Senior Center
Zumba & Mat Conditioning Fridays 7:00pm-8:00pm Senior Center
Zumba Toning Sundays 9am-10am Senior Center
Aqua Zumba Gold (thru September) Sundays 11am-12pm Swim Center

Resident Monthly Pass Non Resident Monthly pass drop in
$50 $55 $10

Math Tutoring (Ages 8-15)
Depending on the status of your child and where they are in school they may be tutored on the following areas:
Place Value (numbers through millions), multiplication with three numbers, division with remainders, factors, common factors, common multiples, adding and subtracting time, equivalent fractions and fractions in the lowest terms, algebraic expressions, integers, decimals, fractions, and polynomial operations. All students need to bring a spiral notebook, pencils, and erasers.
To sign up use our online registration. 

Public Stargazing (All Ages) - Free
Come explore and learn the night sky through large and small telescopes and binoculars, with assistance from local amateur astronomers. Let us help you use your new scope. We welcome school groups-call or email us two weeks in advance. For others, no registration is required. Please, no smoking, no alcohol, cell phones off, and no flashlights without a red filter. Gazes held weather permitting. For more information, please call (510) 526-5974. On scheduled evenings, call (510) 799-8237 after dark.

Location Foxboro Park (1025 Canterbury Avenue)

9/5/15, 10/10/15, & 11/14/15

Time The later of Dusk or 7:30pm
Instructors Dave Harris, Walt Meadows, Timo Kurppa

Little Dragons 1 (Ages 3.5-4.5)
We will introduce the fundamentals through practice, play, games, and songs. Class will focus on providing exercises for the students to hone in on their own body awareness, strength building, individual and group interaction and prepare them for the next level in their karate career.
To sign up use our online registration. 

Little Dragons 2 (Ages 4.5-6)
We will introduce the fundamentals through practice, play, games, and repetition. Class will focus on providing exercises for the students to be perceptive of their body and strength, flexibility and strength training, individual and group interaction and prepare them for the next level in their Karate career.
To sign up use our online registration.    

Lego Robotics (Grades 1-6)
This workshop uses robot building and computer programming to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts within a recreation setting. Through the use of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.1 kit, software, and laptop computer, the workshop experience is designed to be hands-on and project based. All equipment and supplies are provided for use. Although some participants may have had experience with general LEGO kits, simple robot building and simple programming assume no prior experience. After introductory training, students will be able to program autonomous robot tasks (challenges) and games. To sign up use our online registration. 

Public Speaking (Ages 6-8) 

This course teaches the building blocks of public speaking. Starting with being ready, practiced and focused, students learn the importance of body language and variation in their voices. Within the fun milieu of show ant tell, storytelling and poetry recitals, the goal is for your child to start developing more confidence and skill in expressing themselves to a group. To sign up use our online registration.

Debates & Public Speaking/Debates Level 1 (Ages 10-14) 

This class is a combination course of Public Speaking with Confidence and Essentials of Debating. It is an excellent course to take, as it not only focuses on teaching delivery presentation skills but also provides the foundation of critical thinking and the essentials of debating. With lots of thought-provoking and stimulating topics and exciting activities in writing and speaking, students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and how to make strong arguments by providing reasoning and evidence. It improves their confidence, communication and general knowledge. To sign up use our online registration.

Speaking with Confidence (Ages 18+) 

Being able to communicate effectively and confidently has immeasurable benefits in professional, social and family life. We cannot avoid occasions where we have to speak in front of a large group, be it at work, parties or school. In this course, participants learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and connect with their audience through effective body language. To sign up use our online registration.

Toy School Theater Program (Ages 8-12)  

In this workshop, students will learn and review the basics of acting and improvisation while rehearsing for a fun, spring production of Toy School. Classes are designed to enhance students' self-confidence, range of self-expression, and ability to collaborate creatively. Students will enjoy the hands-on opportunity to apply techniques in voice, movement, character development, and scene work to their performance on stage. Beginning and experienced actors will be challenged. The production will be staged during the last weekend of the session. To sign up use our online registration.



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