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City of Hercules

Workout & Exercise Classes

Looking for a fun and energetic way to burn calories? Come and join one of our great workout and exercise classes in order to shed some pounds and have some fun!

For more information about Exercise Classes or how to become an Instructor email Vanessa Flores or call (510) 799-8290.

Become an Instructor
If you are interested in teaching a hobby or class and becoming an Instructor with the City of Hercules, please view our Independent Contracted Instructor Handbook/a> and the checklist of items you'll need to submit if proposing to teach a class. For questions or to submit a class proposal contact Vanessa Flores, Recreation Leader III, at (510) 799-8291 or via e-mail at

Zumba Class (Ages 8+)
Come and attend Zumba classes at your leisure! Sign up for a Zumba Pass which will give you unlimited monthly classes on your pass! You can choose to attend Zumba classes at your leisure. Classes include Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold,  Aqua Zumba and Aqua Zumba Gold.
To sign up use our online registration.

Zumba Toning (Ages 16+)
Zumba Toning program takes Zumba dance fitness to a level utilizing an innovative muscle training protocol using lightweight Zumba toning sticks. Zumba Toning includes heart pumping Latin and world music rhythms while dancing plus exercises. It is exhilarating, unique, challenging and effective. Come and join the party!
Zumba toning sticks required and you may purchase them from the Instructor at class. $25.00 for the 1.5 lb sticks and $30.00 for the 2.5 lb sticks.
To sign up use our online registration.

Zumba Sentao (Ages 8+)
The Zumba Sentao program is an intense new way to enhance the fitness party thrill! Students learn to use a chair and their own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve definition and endurance, and tone their physique! In this specialty program you learn explosive chair-based choreography that will strengthen, balance and stabilize the core, and step up cardio work in whole new way.
To sign up use our online registration.

Zumba Gold (Ages 50+)

Zumba Gold targets the largest growing segment of the population: baby boomers. It takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. What stays the same are all the elements the Zumba Fitness-Party is known for: the zesty Latin music, like salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton; the exhilarating, easy-to-follow moves; and the invigorating, party-like atmosphere. Active older adults want camaraderie, excitement and fitness as a regular part of their weekly schedule. Zumba Gold is the perfect fit. Its a dance-fitness class that feels friendly, and most of all, fun.
To sign up use our online registration.

Fierce Funk (Ages 8+)
Fierce Funk is a new, exciting dance-fitness program founded by Pepper Von. It combines a street style funk movement with a contemporary hip-hop feel, for an inspiring, fun and complete workout. His vision is for instructors to bring a sense of fun, empowerment, passion, energy and a philosophy of love toward others to their classes through dance and fitness movements to energizing music. The Fierce Funk culture is not just fitness and dance, it is a moving energy intended to refresh the spirit with fun, fulfillment and love so Fierce Funk participants are more healthy and happy. Come join Nannette in this amazing new Dance Fitness class.
To sign up use our online registration.

Bombay Jam (Ages 8+)
If you love Bollywood music and love to move, this explosive, energizing and entertaining workout is just the thing for you! The program has a serious focus on integrating fun & fitness! Bombay Jam® incorporates cardio and toning routines into one action packed total body workout, and routines are set to custom music mixes created by Bombay's hottest DJs. The music is a blend of Bollywood and mainstream Top 40 tracks, resulting in one-of-a-kind mixes that are refreshing, energizing and universally appealing. The cardio routines incorporate basic, easy to follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flare, and the toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscle. In just an hour-long class, you can burn up to a whopping 800 calories!
Come Join Joanne in this new invigorating class.
To sign up use our online registration.

Tahitian Dance Class (Ages 2.5-16)

Come join this fun and exciting atmosphere for both kids and adults in learning the basics of Tahitian Dance movements while getting a cardiovascular workout at the same time!
To sign up use our online registration.


This is a total-body conditioning program for all fitness levels. The class has easy to follow choreography, current music and warm-up to strengthening segments.
For more information please call (510) 301-5724.
Location: Teen Center        
Fees: Drop-in fee - $15, 1 month pass-$40, 8 week pass-$95

Days: Times:
Tuesday 6pm-7pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm-8pm
Saturday 8:30am-9:30am
Sunday 9am-10am

Adult Karate (Ages 18+)
The adult karate class is specifically designed for students from ages 18 and up. This class is tailored for adults and has a different learning scale than the children's class. The instructors are qualified to instruct adults and provide a regiment you are comfortable with. The core element of this class is karate; however, it will involve cardio, muscle strengthening, and mental focus. The instructors will work with you and assist each student personally to achieve their goals in the class. Please ask about our free trial and we hope to see you soon!
To sign up use our online registration.

Yoga (Ages 16+)
Stretch and strengthen your body and mind with yoga postures and sequences that help build core strength and muscle tone. Breathing exercises help calm the mind and alleviate stress and anxiety. Learn the benefits of a yoga practice from relieving stress to improving balance and flexibility to achieving inner peace.
To sign up use our online registration.

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