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City of Hercules

Banner Reservation

Banner Reservation Policy

Banner Reservation Application

For more information please call (510) 799-8290 or email Vanessa Flores at:

The City of Hercules has 4 different public locations within the City where City-authorized advertising banners may be placed to assist with the promotion of businesses, programs, and events. The approved Master fee schedule has a range of $35.00-$600.00 per banner per month (30 days) depending on location and Business or Organization.



Locations:                                                             Prices: Hercules Based / Non Hercules

· Sycamore and Refugio Valley Road (3 spots)             $250.00 each/$300.00 each

· San Pablo Avenue and Sycamore Avenue (3 spots)    $250.00 each/$300.00 each

· Sycamore and Willow Avenue (3 spots)                     $200.00 each/$250.00 each

· Willow Avenue and Park & Ride (3 spots)                   $200.00 each/$250.00 each

Locations:                                                             Prices: CLSC Group / State Non-Profit

· Sycamore and Refugio Valley Road (3 spots)             $35.00 each/$125.00 each

· San Pablo Avenue and Sycamore Avenue (3 spots)    $35.00 each/$125.00 each

· Sycamore and Willow Avenue (3 spots)                     $35.00 each/$125.00 each

· Willow Avenue and Park & Ride (3 spots)                  $35.00 each/$125.00 each

With the City of Hercules being able to offer programs all year round at our facilities including our Hercules Swim Center we are now offering a total of 8 additional banner spots at the Hercules Swim Center. Programs that are offered that bring in many participants include Swim Lessons, Hercules Piranhas Swim Team, Hercules East Bay Silver Dolphins, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Zumba Gold, Lap Swim, Water Walking, Public Swim, Public and Private Swim Pool Parties, High School Water Polo, etc. There are two pricing options for banner spaces at the Swim Center, one price will reflect banners hung during the summer season which include the months of April-September during these months there are about 400-500 people that are visiting this location and the second price will reflect banners that are hung during the winter season which include the months of October-March during these months there are about 200-300 people that are visiting this location.

Locations:                                                             Prices: Hercules Based / Non Hercules

· Summer Price (8 spots)                                         $125.00 each/$175.00 each

· Winter Price (8 spots)                                            $75.00 each/$150.00 each

Banner must be 4 feet-high x 8 feet-long. Staff recommends providing wind slits in banners to sustain high winds and tough weather conditions. Banners will be placed by City staff at reserved location if there is room at the requested location for the requested dates; all banners are to be put up and taken down by City of Hercules staff only. City staff is not responsible for broken, damaged, or stolen banners. The City of Hercules will reserve locations up to 1 year in advance for Community & Library Services Commission-approved City of Hercules non-profit organizations and 6 months in advance for businesses and state non-profit organizations. Business and State Non-Profit organizations may reserve a location for a time span of 6 months at a time at one given location. All reservations are first come first serve and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Banner locations will only be reserved with the banner application and payment for the dates and locations requested.

City programs and banners will take precedence over business and non-profit banners. At the end of the 30 days, City staff will remove any associated banners for retrieval to the Parks & Recreation Department. If no representative picks up the banner within a 2 week period, the banner will be discarded.

Last updated: 2/16/2016 2:23:07 PM