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Multi-Family Housing

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What Do I Need to Submit?

  • Three (3) complete sets of plans must be submitted. The plans must be drawn on substantial paper (minimum 24” X 36”) exactly as the building is to be constructed. Defaced, incomplete, indefinite, or faded plans shall not be approved. A separate copy of the site plan and floor plan(s) is required for the Contra Costa County Assessor.
  • Two (2) sets of Title 24 Energy Calculations must be submitted and adhered, copied or otherwise affixed to the plans.
  • Two (2) sets of geotechnical report.
  • Two (2) sets of engineering calculations.

What Information is Required on the Plans?

Title Sheet

  • Signature and stamp on all documents by design professional.
  • Name, title, registration, address and phone number of design professionals.
  • Project name and address, project owners’ name, address and phone number.
  • Applicable codes and editions.
  • Description of scope of work.
  • Occupancy group and type of construction.
  • Allowable area calculations.
  • Gross area by floor, and building height.
  • Index of drawings.
  • Scale for all drawings and details.

Site Plan

  • Lot dimensions showing parcel, property lines and street locations.
  • Building footprint with all projections and distance to property lines.
  • Location of easements and utilities.
  • Parking layout, driveway locations and sidewalk design. (Fully detail all disabled access features.
  • Locate existing fire hydrants within 500 feet of the project.
  • Vicinity location map and North arrow.
  • Existing and proposed grading plan. (detail top(s) and toe(s) of slopes)
  • Pad elevation and ground slope drainage scheme & topographic plan drawn to 5’0” contours.

Landscaping Plans

  • Accessory structures, walkways, swimming pools, etc. (Including disabled access features

Architectural Plans

  • Architectural floor plans with unit and building plans.
  • Disabled access features fully detailed and dimensioned.
  • Exit locations, paths and lighting.
  • Exterior elevations.
  • Window schedule: detail egress, safety glazing locations and skylights with I.C.C. evaluation numbers.
  • Door schedule: list sizes and types (detail fire ratings, hardware, closers and thresholds).
  • Flashing: Vertical and vertical to horizontal junctures of materials.
  • Roof: Eaves, overhangs, rake and gables.
  • Cabinet elevations.
  • Floor changes, i.e. slab to wood frame flashing detail.
  • Handrails, guardrails and support details.
  • Details of sound separation. Interior and exterior if a sound study is required.
  • Details of fire separations with assembly numbers and sections.
  • Details all fire penetrations and openings including assembly numbers.
  • Section of fire rated corridor, door ratings and smoke/fire damper locations.
  • Stairway rise and run, framing, attachment and dimensions of members.

Structural Plans

  • Foundation and structural floor and roof framing plan.
  • Structural material specifications.
  • Typical cross-sections in each directions ( where necessary)
  • Sheer wall and hold down plan, including necessary tables (wall type, nailing, anchor bolts, sill nailing, transfer connections etc.)


  • Fireplaces: masonry or prefab fireplaces with I.C.C. numbers.
  • Footings, piers and grade beams.
  • Post and girder intersections.
  • Structural sections with details at foundation, floor and roof level.
  • Shear transfer and hold down bolt details.


  • Roof framing plan w/truss I.D. numbers for each building.
  • Specify truss manufacturer.
  • Detail truss splices, connections, plate sizes and hangers.
  • Stamp and signature by truss design engineer.
  • Truss plans and layout to be reviewed and stamped. “No Exception Taken” by building design engineer/architect.


  • Site utility plan and sizing calculations.
  • Waste and vent plan and sizing calculations.
  • Water piping sizing and calculations.
  • Roof drain plan and sizing calculations.
  • Condensate drain plan and hydronics piping plan.


  • HVAC plan (location, size, duct layout and smoke/fire dampers locations.
  • Environmental and product conveying duct plan.
  • Gas piping and sizing calculations.

64-2 PhotoElectrical

  • Load calculations and panel schedule.
  • One line diagram including wire and conduit sizes.
  • T-24 Energy: CF-1R & MF-1R completed, signed and printed on plans.
  • CF-GR & insulation certificate attached to plans.
  • Performance analysis and back-up forms included.

Separate Plans and Permits

  • Automatic fire sprinklers, smoke detection systems, fire alarm systems and hazmat.
  • Pools and spas.
  • Proposed accessory structures.
  • Demolition permits for existing structures.
  • Additional grading plans, clean water program compliance forms and permits may also be required.

This is not an all inclusive list and before you begin any project you should contact the Building Division for more details.