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Repiping Inspection Checklist

This list comprises some of the most common code violations found in repiping installations. It does not address every possible violation, nor is it intended as an instruction manual.

  • The water piping system shall be sized per Table 6-5 of the 2001 CPC.

  • The water piping system shall be supported with approved hangers and supports as per Table 3-2 of the 2001 CPC.

  • Soldered joints shall not have a lead content of more than two-tenths of one percent per 316-1-3 of the 2001 CPC.

  • Copper water piping is not allowed “underground” inside of a building.

  • Galvanized steel water piping must be kept at least 6” above ground.

  • A transition between copper and galvanized water piping must be made with either a di-electric union (accessible locations only) or a 6’ brass nipple and couplings.

  • Any replacement of shower or tub/shower combination valves shall require such valves to be of the pressure balancing or thermostatic mixing valve type.

  • Quick closing valves such as dishwashers and clothes washers shall be provided with devices to minimize water hammer per Section 609.10, 609.10.1, of the 2001 CPC.

  • Non-removable backflow prevention devices shall be installed on all hose bibs.

  • Locate and reinstall existing water bond from the main electrical service panel. (Clamp must be in an accessible location)

  • Resulting damage to shear walls, firewalls, and stucco shall be repaired and inspected by separate inspections. (Requires separate building permit)