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Tenant Improvements

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66 PhotoWhat Is a Tenant Improvement?
A tenant improvement is any alteration, renovation, and/or remodeling of an existing commercial or industrial space or structure.

What Permits Do I Need for Tenant Improvements?
You will need a building permit. You may also need electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits depending on the scope of work.

Who May Apply for Permits?
Only the property owner, a California-licensed contractor, or authorized agent may apply for building permits.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit?

  • You will need a completed building permit application.
  • Four sets of architectural and structural plans including plumbing, electrical, and mechanical drawings. Plans shall include the following if applicable:
    • Site Plan
    • Foundation Plan
    • Floor Plan
    • Framing Plan
    • Roof Framing Plan
    • Building Sections and Details
    • Exterior Elevations
    • Interior Elevations
    • Window and Door Schedules
    • Architectural Details
    • Occupancy Group
    • Occupant Load
    • Type of Construction
    • Number of Employees

Electrical Plans Shall Include:

  • Load Calculations
  • Panel Schedules
  • Single Line Diagram

HVAC Plans Shall Include:

  • Piping Sizes
  • Equipment Location & Schedules
  • Duct Location Diagram
  • Title-24 Calculations and Forms

Plumbing Plans Shall Include:

  • Water Pipe Sizing
  • DWV Sizing
  • Fuel Piping Sizing
  • Fixture Loading

  • For minor tenant improvements without structural alterations, the plans are not required to be stamped and signed by a licensed architect or engineer. Tenant improvements that require structural alterations are required to have plans stamped and signed by a California licensed architect or engineer.
  • One set of plans will be required to be submitted to Contra Costa Environmental Health when the tenant improvement involves food services. This includes packaged goods.
  • Two sets of structural calculations, if applicable.
  • Two sets of Title-24 energy calculations.

Where Do I Start?
The first place to begin is with the Planning Division, which will need to review your plans for any exterior alterations and for the proposed use.

Once the design and proposed use is approved by the Planning Division, you may submit the other documents to the Building Division for review. The Fire Department will review the plans concurrently; however, you must pay any plan review fees directly to them. Please contact the Building Division for more information.