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Strategic Plan

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The City of Hercules last developed a Strategic Plan on an internal basis in 2012 and this Strategic Plan was adopted by the City Council on April 24, 2012. An update of the Strategic Plan was initiated in late 2016, and an outside facilitator was selected to assist in this effort in early 2017.  The firm of Management Partners facilitated the update process including a day-long workshop on April 22, 2017.  The Mayor and City Council, together with the City’s Executive Management Team, worked together to update and enhance the Strategic Plan.

Part of the update process included a community survey and an employee survey which was developed by staff and Management Partners and administered through Survey Monkey.  The results these surveys were reviewed and utilized as part of the workshop and in the development of the update.  

The final report on the day-long workshop prepared by Management Partners serves as the basis for the Hercules Strategic Plan 2017.


The vision of the City of Hercules is as follows:

 The City of Hercules is a richly diverse community, serving as a major transportation hub and a prime destination for the Bay Area. It is built on a sound economic and physical infrastructure, and its residents enjoy public safety, security, well-maintained parks, streets and public facilities. We conduct our work in an atmosphere of trust and respect. We constantly look for better ways to deliver services and always strive for excellence.



The current mission of the City of Hercules is as follows:

 Our mission is to lead our diverse community and enhance the quality of life in the City of Hercules, now and in the future. We do this by providing effective, efficient, responsive, and innovative services with integrity and a culture of transparency. 


Organizational Values

The organizational values for the City of Hercules are as follows:

 Integrity Honesty, transparency, fair dealing 
 Professionalism Exemplary conduct, competence, continuous improvement, respect
 Service Customer orientation, courtesy, hard work, striving for excellence 
 Collaboration Teamwork, communication, community interaction and outreach 
 Creativity Thinking, innovating, encouraging critical  analysis
 Tenacity Setting priorities, staying focused, not getting discouraged 
 Responsibility Taking ownership of one's work, accountability, going the extra mile 


SWOT Analysis
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

An assessment and understanding of the environment in which the City operates is helpful in shaping the Goals, Strategies, and Objectives.

 Strengths Weaknesses 
 Opportunities Threats