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The Engineering Division administers the City’s Capital Improvement Program, reviews and inspects public improvements on private development projects, reviews traffic engineering, and administers the City’s Clean Water Program and the City-wide Lighting and Landscaping Assessment Districts. The Division also responds to public inquiries, administers the sewer lateral certification program, and issues encroachment permits, grading permits, wide-load permits. 

Private Development Projects
Private development projects include new residential, commercial, and industrial developments. The Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing maps, grading, and improvement and utility plans to ensure compliance with the Subdivision Map Act, State and Federal Regulations Standards, and compliance with local ordinances. This division is also responsible for inspecting the construction of all public improvements and facilities.

 Capital Improvement Projects 
Capital Improvement Projects include: 
• Sewer system repairs; 
• Storm drain system repairs; 
• Pavement maintenance; 
• New road construction; 
• Traffic improvements; 
• Park improvements; and 
• Other City construction projects.  

Public Works
The Public Works Division maintains all the City’s parks, landscape median, streets, sidewalks, infrastructure and public facilities. This division makes certain that the stormwater and wastewater discharged into San Pablo Bay is clean through the City’s Creek Maintenance Program, Storm Drain Maintenance Program, Street Sweeping Program and Sanitary Sewer Program. In addition, the Public Works Division eliminates safety hazards with the City’s Fire Break Program in open spaces, Tree Trimming Program in parks and streets, and maintains an ongoing hazard abatement program.

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