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Streets & Sidewalks

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Street Repair 
The City repairs potholes and irregularities in the paved surface of City streets on an "as needed" basis. There are also a number of utility companies that need to gain access to their equipment through the street. If you see conditions that require repair, please contact the Public Works Department at (510) 799-8200 or complete the Public Works Comment form.  We will notify the appropriate department or utility company of any condition needing attention.

The street markings around the City are repainted annually to keep them visible to drivers. If you notice the Public Works crew working on the streets, please drive with caution.

Sidewalk Repair

Over the past few years, the Engineering/Public Works Division has received numerous citizen complaints and personal injury claims related to the deterioration of City sidewalks. Mature tree roots are the primary cause of the “upheaval” or “lifting” of the pavement. In order to eliminate tripping hazards, minimize the risk of injury to citizens, and alleviate exposure to liability, the Engineering/Public Works Division directed Public Works Maintenance staff members to compile a list of problem areas within City limits. As a result, the Citywide Sidewalk Replacement Program, Project No. 2009-07, was established. The annual program identifies and systematically targets tripping hazards for repair. In December 2009, the Engineering Division solicited bids for the program, which resulted in repairs to 40 locations view map throughout the City. To continue our efforts in maintaining the safety and quality of life for Herculeans, staff is actively searching for problems areas throughout the City.

Street Signs
The City repairs and replaces all City-owned street name and traffic safety signs. If you see a sign that is missing, unreadable, or in need of repair, please call (510) 799-8200.

The streetlights in the City are proportionately owned by the City and PG&E, so when reporting a streetlight problem, such as a burned out or blinking light, please report it to both Public Works and to PG&E. Be sure to note the pole number (usually a four-digit number) located 4-6 feet above the sidewalk to ensure that the correct pole is inspected and repaired. By reporting the problem to both the City and PG&E, you can be assured the matter will be addressed. Please allow 2-4 weeks for streetlight maintenance to occur.

Traffic Signals
If you see a problem with one of the traffic signals around Hercules, please give us a call at 510-799-8200 and let us know. We need to have the location and direction of the light as well as the type of problem the signal is experiencing (e.g., flashing, burned out, etc.). With this information, we can direct the signal maintenance company to the proper signal light. After hours and on weekends, please notify the Non-Emergency Police Dispatch at (510) 724-1111.