Adult Programs

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Looking for a fun and energetic way to burn calories? Come and join one of our great workout and exercise classes in order to shed some pounds and have some fun!

Hercules Adult Boot Camp 

Adult Boot Camp is a 45 minute training program that will improve your balance and body coordination as well as increase toning and firming. You can expect high intensity training with specific full body exercises designed to have an impact on physical well-being and max fat-loss. Required equipment includes a yoga mat, jump rope, 5-10 lbs. dumbbells, a towel and water. Check back Fall 2018 for Boot Camp schedule.

Adult Karate

The adult karate class is specifically designed for students from ages 18 and up. This class is tailored for adults and has a different learning scale than the children's class. The instructors are qualified to instruct adults and provide a regimen you are comfortable with. The core element of this class is karate. However, it will involve cardio, muscle strengthening, and mental focus. The instructors will work with you and assist each student personally to achieve their goals in the class. Please ask about our free trial and we hope to see you soon! To sign up use our online registration.

Ed2go Online Classes

We are happy to announce that we offer a variety online classes! Online courses are informative, fun and highly interactive. You can complete any course entirely from home or office, any time of the day or night! Visit Ed2go for more information or to enroll.


This is a total-body conditioning program for all fitness levels. The class has easy to follow choreography, current music and warm-up to strengthening segments. For more information, please call (510) 619-5884.

Oil Painting

Have fun while learning to paint, mix, and combine colors, shadows and composition perspective. Supplies required are:

  • Brushes: Flat, #1, #3, #6,
  • Pallet Knife & Paper Pallet
  • Paper Towels
  • Odorless Turpentine
  • Non-lead Paint Colors: White, Black, Lemon Yellow, Prussian Blue, Alizarin & Crimson

For full class schedule or to register, use our online registration.

Ukulele Music Lessons

The Ukesperiment is a community based Music Program utilizing the widely popular Ukulele. Created to break down the walls of separation within our community, we plan to join together under one roof with one sole purpose: TO CREATE MUSIC TOGETHER! For class dates, call (510) 799-8291.


Zumba is back! Zumba is a cardio and strengthening system that uses a variety of world music to create a fun environment while exercising. Any level is welcome! Classes start March 15, 2018! Drop-In and Passes must be purchased at the Hercules Community Center prior to attending.

Class days times location
Zumba Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:30a    Ohlone Community Center
Zumba Gold Wednesday     10:00-11:00a Senior Center

Zumba Tuesday/Thursday Pricing
Drop-In 10 Visit Pass 25 Visit Pass
$7.00 per class $70/$80NR $175/$200NR

Zumba Gold Wednesday Pricing
Drop-In 10 Visit Pass 25 Visit Pass
5.00 per class $50/$60NR $125/$150NR

Become an Instructor

If you are interested in teaching a hobby or class and becoming an Instructor with the City of Hercules, please view our Independent Contracted Instructor Handbook and the checklist of items you'll need to submit if proposing to teach a class. For questions or to submit a class proposal email