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Use Permits

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The City of Hercules requires use permits to:

  1. Provide a zoning compliance review and recording procedure for uses within the community;
  2. Ensure that initiation or re-establishment of legally permitted uses comply with all standards and requirements of the zoning ordinance.
  3. Provide the flexibility necessary to achieve the purposes of the General Plan and the zoning ordinance; in certain districts conditional uses are permitted, subject to the granting of a conditional use permit.
  4. Provide for special consideration of conditional uses so that they may be located, constructed and operated in accord with the purposes of the General Plan and the zoning ordinance.

Use permits include:

Additionally, displaying some types of signs requires a sign permit, and certain construction projects require design review permits.

A use permit may be revocable, or may be granted for a limited time period. The granting of a use permit shall not exempt the applicant from complying with the requirements of the Building Code nor any other applicable requirements of the Hercules Zoning Ordinance or any other local, state, or federal requirements.

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