PD Speed Trailer

Citation Information & Speed Trailer Request

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Citation Information

To pay a citation mail payment (check or money order) to Citation Processing Center, PO Box 10479, Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479 or you can log on to www.CitationProcessingCenter.com.

To contest a citation you must write a letter to the Citation Payment Center stating your views of why the citation is invalid.

All citation payments or contests are due 21 days from the date of the citation issuance. For further information or questions, you may call (800) 989-2058.

If you fail to pay or appeal a citation as directed, vehicle registration may be withheld. Repeated unpaid parking citations may result in the vehicle being towed and/or impounded.

Speed Trailer Request

The City of Hercules Radar Speed Trailer is equipped with a radar, vehicle speed display, and a speed limit sign. The trailer is utilized to help educate drivers of their speed to assist in slowing traffic down.  The trailer is deployed in areas where there is a tendency for increased speeds and areas where speed complaints are received. The device also has the ability to provide analytical data for traffic flow and speed.

To request a traffic speed trailer be dispatched to your neighborhood for potential speeding issues, please fill out the Traffic Speed Trailer Request Form