Coronavirus Update:  Shelter in place advisories for Contra Costa effective now until May 31, 2020.  For the latest information on what the City is doing to keep us all healthy and safe, click here or visit

Basic Emergency Items

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In the event of emergency, please be advised that resources and supplies will most likely be limited. Stores will close, gas station pumps will not operate, and ATMs may not work. But most importantly, emergency personnel may not be able to tend to every individual need. The demand for assistance will certainly be high, so it is important that members of the community do their best to prepare themselves for such an event. It is important to be proactive, obtaining your emergency plan and supplies beforehand so you are not blindsided and famished in the event of a disaster. If this is new to you, here is a list of basic items you should strongly consider having on hand:

-Water-one gallon per person per day
-Water purification kit
-First-aid kit, freshly stocked
-First-aid book
-Non-perishable food
-Non-electric can opener
-Blankets or sleeping bags
-Portable radio, flashlights, and batteries
-Essential medications
-Extra pair of eyeglasses
-Extra pair of house and car keys
-Fire extinguisher a-b-c type
-Food, water and restraint for pets
-Cash and change
-Baby supplies; formula, bottle and clothing
-Blankets, baby wipes, disposable diapers
-Food and juices

Sanitation Supplies
-Large plastic trash bags for waste; tarps and rain ponchos
-Large trash cans
-Bar soap, shampoo and detergent
-Personal hygiene supplies
-Household bleach

Tools and Additional Supplies
-Ax, shovel, broom
-Adjustable wrench for turning off gas valves
-Tool kit, screwdrivers, hammer, nails, pliers, knives
-Garden hose for siphoning and firefighting
-Coil of rope
-Duct tape, plastic sheeting for window replacement

Safety and Comfort
-Sturdy shoes and heavy gloves
-Candles and matches
-Change of clothes
-Communication kits: paper, pens, and stamps

-Plastic knives, forks, and spoons
-Paper plates, cups and towels
-Pots and pans, aluminum foil
-Camping stove for outdoor use

CAUTION: check for natural gas leaks before using camp stove or fire to cook