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Emergency Preparedness Plan

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Please consider the following:

-It is recommended that you stock up on at least a 3 day supply of food, water, clothes, and medical supplies for everyone in your household. Make sure that everyone knows where they are located.


-Specify a time and location to reunite with your family, should you be apart in the event of an emergency.


-It is recommended that you choose an individual outside of your immediate area to contact if your family members are separated. It is likely that long-distance phone service will be restored before local service. However, DO NOT use the phone immediately after a disaster.


-Become familiar with the policies of your child’s school or daycare center. It is also best to make arrangements with someone to pick them up in case you are unable to do so.


-If you have a family member that does not speak English, please prepare an emergency card in English identifying the person’s full name, address, and any additional information, such as allergies or the need for medication. Make sure to tell that person to keep the card with him/her at all times.


-Conduct earthquake drills (duck, cover, and hold) every six months with your family.


-Find the safest, secure place in your home, one that will most effectively provide shelter in the face of the disaster.


-Have an emergency evacuation plan in place.


-Locate the shut off valves for water, gas and electricity. Learn to shut them off. If you have questions, please call your utility company.


-Make copies of your vital records and keep them in a safe deposit box in another city or state.


-Know the locations of the nearest fire and police stations.


-Keep an extra pair of eyeglasses, house and car keys.


-Keep extra cash and change.


- Become familiar with alternate routes to and from your residence and place of employment.