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Reserve Police Officers Program

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Reserve Police Officers are people from various walks of life. Some Reserve Officers are seeking experience and taking a career "test drive" before pursuing full-time law enforcement careers. Others have chosen to maintain their existing careers while contributing their time to provide a valuable and meaningful service to the community. As a volunteer group drawing from members of the community to fill our ranks, our demographics tend to span the complete spectrum of the City where we work.

Most Reserve Officers begin their volunteer career with no prior experience in law enforcement, but rather a general interest in the profession combined with a willingness to learn. Through continuous training, mentoring, and field experience, Reserve Officers gain the skills necessary to perform the job at hand.

Most people fundamentally understand that law enforcement involves a certain element of personal risk. Through effective training and sound judgment, this risk can be minimized, but not completely eliminated. Reserve Police Officers have all evaluated this risk and made conscious, educated decisions before choosing their volunteer profession.

Prior to becoming a Reserve Police Officer, individuals will be required to complete a state-mandated Reserve Peace Officer academy. Depending upon scheduling of courses, this may consist of several months’ worth of evening classes meeting several times a week. After being sworn in, Reserve Officers make a commitment that they will volunteer a minimum of 20 hours a month towards the organizational goals of the Hercules Police Department. Individuals considering volunteering their time as Reserve Police Officers must honestly evaluate the time commitment and its impact on their primary career, family, and other interests.

For more information contact Sergeant Vasquez at (510) 799-8272 or by email at